Hawaii's Source for your 2-way Radio & GPS Tracking needs!

Starcomm Wireless is Hawaii's choice for all your 2-way radio needs!


We are now proud to feature reliable REAL-TIME GPS tracking and Cellular Signal Amplifiers!


Our skilled team in sales and service is ready to help!   We specialize in great customer service!





Find out how GPS Vehicle Tracking can help your business!



We can help keep your business connected with effective, cost-efficient solutions including 2-way Radios and GPS Tracking!  Call us, we can help!


Products & Services available from Starcomm Wireless:


Two way radio Land Mobile Equipment

Two way Amateur Radios by Kenwood

Avionic Air Band Radios by ICOM

Two way radio service & repair

Two way radio maintenance packages

Two way radio programming

Two way radio rentals for ALL islands

Digital & UHF Trunking Systems

FCC Licensing and Coordination

Two way radio replacement batteries

Full line of two way radio accessories

Surveillance microphones, earpieces & headsets

Vehicle GPS Systems & Real-time Tracking

Vehicle GPS Systems & Tracking Rentals

Vehicle/Fleet/Bus Installation

PA and Speakers and Installation

Call Box Systems

Digital Logging Systems

Bus Cameras/DVR Systems and Installation

CCTV Systems and Installation

CCTV Rentals

Pagers and Statewide Paging Service

Cellular/Bluetooth Accessories

Cellular Signal Amplifiers


Store Hours


Monday through Friday:        8:00am - 4:30pm

Saturdays & Sundays:           Closed


Contact Us


808-845-7827   (Oahu)

        888-344-STAR (Toll-Free)

808-845-1722 (Fax)



2706 Kilihau Street Unit A

        Honolulu Hawaii 96819

We are conveniently located in Mapunapuna at the corner of Kakoi & Kilihau, across from U-Haul

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